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Red Wine


In our earlier years we were a global wine marketplace. We worked with 6500 + producers, distributors, retailers and hospitality establishments. This allows us to continue on our journey in connecting buyers and sellers, albeit in a more sustainability conscious trading capacity after making a pivot to solve real problems for the beverage sector.

White Wine

New Zealand


We currently have access to large volumes of Marlborough and Central Otago wine at very competitive prices. We are moving product  in 30L first element kegs and 1000L ISO carboard containers where it makes more sense to fill the kegs at the destination market due to packaging logistics.


Maple Syrup

We have access to some of the highest quality maple syrup producers in Canada. We often ship maple syrup to customers to position new kegs in a market. The syrup can be repackaged into smaller formats or ultimately be poured until empty in busier hospitality establishments.

Bartender with Beer


Craft Beer

We are currently positioning kegs with Canadian Craft Beer. The product is seriously good and the pricing is incredible. Customers are generating revenue from and import beer tap which allows them to build their domestic keg fleets at little to no cost. Everyone is a winner.



We have a closed loop partnership in Fiji, supplying 30L kegs of natural juices to resorts and fitness facilities in the Islands. We are always looking for partnerships to export products and grow the domestic keg fleet. Get in touch if you are considering moving any beverage into the Islands. 

Drinking Green Juice
Water Drops


Premium Water

We are actively seeking partnerships with premium water companies to create closed loop water refill offerings for our luxury hotel and resort clients in remote locations around the world. Single use packaging is becoming a non-starter for many of our sustainability minded customers.

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