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We are lucky enough to work with innovative brands and companies to provide simple results driven solutions to the beverage sector. We are always on the look out for smart products or services that can help us balance environmental and economic problem solving.


First Element

Keg Systems

This keg is a game changer. The benefits are across the board in comparison to steel kegs and the margins eclipse traditional single use packaging formats. Save space, no cleaning, flexible dispense options, organized cool rooms, lower cost transport and increased margins.  



We were already working with poly carbonate. It made sense to offer a modern lightweight line of drinkware to our customers with a longer lifespan than glass whilst being strong enough to withstand even the most hectic hospitality environment. Go polycarbonate today.

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Alcohol Cocktail



On our keg journey, perception and tradition is often a barrier to change. We have a range of solutions for consumer facing refillable beverage bottles. We cater to every industry with quality attractive modern solutions. 

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Glass to Sand

One of our founders also co-founded the glass to sand bottle crusher company Expleco. As a result we have been able to forge a partnership where we are able to offer our clients significant discounts on waste reduction equipment that is trusted in more than 100 global markets.

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