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VINDAQ is an online wine community that connects wineries to wine lovers, enabling people to share their consumption experiences and help friends buy smarter.
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People have loved wine for over 9000 years. That shared knowledge is in our DNA, in the same way that the sun and the soil is in each bottle. Vindaq believes that greate wine should be shared - by people, not algorithms.
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The winery knows that you are busy juggling multiple platforms for any number of products and services. Now you can have a single platform solely dedicated to discovering and remembering wine.
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The winery is better at telling you the story about their journey and wine. We want you to have a cellar door experience rather than big portfolio reseller experience. The winery wants to know who you are.
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There are literally thousands of wines for you to select. Trust your peers and leave the paid influencers and big budget marketing campaigns to sort out the supermarket shelves.
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